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Since 2004 the MusiShare Young Artist Program has been dedicated to the preparation of highly motivated young violinists for entry into the major music programs in the US and abroad. Because of MSYAP's very distinctive curriculum, its students have been accepted into the Juilliard School, the Cleveland Institute of Music, the San Francisco Conservatory, the Indiana School of Music, the Mannes School of Music, the Paris Conservatory, the Aspen Music Festival, Meadowmount, the Sewanee Summer Music Center, the Perlman Camp and have received degrees from schools such as the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music, the Bienen School at Northwestern University, the Blair School of Music, The Eastman School of Music, New England Conservatory, and The USC Thornton School of Music. Students from any studio are encouraged to apply with the full knowledge that MSYAP enhances, but does not replace, their current private instruction.   

Here is some information about MSYAP that should help you understand what we do
For 2017-18 MSYAP is limited to 6 violinists and 2 string quartets.)

MSYAP Master Classes. These classes have been set up to allow the student performer the ability to perform for and receive criticism from major violin professors worldwide. This experience is extremely important for the student as this will aid in his ability to gauge his performance level. As well the student will be able to get an idea of what it is like to be taught by this professor, which could be very helpful in determining which schools or conservatories to apply to in the future.

MSYAP Performance Classes. One of the goal of these classes is to get students to learn how to give and accept criticism. My one rule is that a student can never say anything to another student that they cannot give a solution for immediately! My role in the class is not to speak of their teachers fingering choices, interpretive choices, etc. but to help them with their presentation of these choices, in other words how to position themselves to give the best performance possible!

Piano Coaching's. It is here that the student will be able to explore their solo work in context with Dr. Cheng who’s roles to help them understand what they need to do in order to perform with the piano, how to involve the piano part into their interpretation. Developing this context is extremely important towards the goal of aiding them to get complete understanding of the work they are performing.

MSYAP Showcase Concerts. These events give the student the possibility of performing a work and discovering what works what doesn't work in a performance setting. This information is critical for the student to be able to set up an efficient and effective practice strategy.

MSYAP Quartet Initiative. This is a new program dedicated to the development and nurturing of string quartet playing and performance. Each quartet, this year there will be two, will receive performance class experience, coaching’s (rehearsals will be scheduled for Saturday mornings) and participate in two Master Classes and all Showcase concerts.

2017-2018 Master Classes will be given by … 

Cho Liang Lin

Nicholas Mann

Connie Heard

The MusiShare Young Artist Program is a 501 (c) (3) tax exempt organization and can use your support in our fundraising efforts toward reducing the students' cost of participating in MSYAP. Should you wish to help us in our fundraising effort click here. We thank you for your support as all contributions are greatly valued and tax deductible.